06 November 2007

x365: 13 of 365 - Infinity

Your countenance is blank and ugly. In an aeon, will the ghost of my consciousness stir just enough to moan at the horror of your work? Let us never meet there.


Anonymous said...

Infinity is only what happens when you locate all the disparate elements of self and bring these into focus.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, being paraphrased on my own website by an anonymous poster is oddly disconcerting, if that's what you were going for.

pk said...

No I wasn't. I was just struck by the contrast between the two sorts of infinity, but I thought maybe it was being a bit presumptuous so i went for anonymous, a bit wetly. I do apologise.

Anonymous said...

Ah - no I'm sorry, Mrs S. Anonymity is usually what acompanies harsh criticism in these here parts (well, this little space anyway).

You're right about the contrast though, and I think it has to do with the difference between infinity as a metaphor one could potentially grapple with and pin down in life and what it turns into when we try and actually follow it.

Thanks so much for your insights over the last few days; it's encouraging to know that someone actually reads here once in a while.