17 October 2007

Yes, teeth are certainly at the forefront of newsworthy interest these days. It seems a root canal is not the end of the world however – just a more invasive filling really – so if it must be done, it must be done. Though I wish that people with PHDs would just leave my cavities alone already!

It seems my deceased friend’s mum was quite intent on seeing me, at least according to my own mother (who I trust about as much as that guy over there whose name eludes me) and yet there’s been no response to my tentative rescheduling. And so it goes. But as I mentioned to Bruce, most of what took place after high school does not make for good conversation in polite society. A happy ending hastily tacked onto a tragic farce is probably not conducive to the kind of safe anecdotes one would request in that type of situation.

Last night Ariel and I had one of our marathon chitty chat sessions over Skype, though the first 45 minutes were dedicated to fussing around with our touchy mics. It felt very good to talk to her, and I’d been missing that close-girl-friend vibe thing that girls need more than once in a blue moon. Short of putting a frock on my husband and then squinting my eyes a bit as he pats my hand consolingly, there’s no real way to achieve that effect here.

I seem to be backsliding in this respect, as I’m braving a lunchtime stroll with my ex-walking partner when likely all she wants to do is grill me about my future dental plans and then tell me in urgent tones that I am making a big mistake. It’s not that I never learn so much as I tend to lose the lesson.

But I’m taking my first all-girl holiday with Bil in May (Iceland!) and then Lizzie has promised a visit at around this time as well. So do your worst, congested metropolis of repressed individuals! I can wait.

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