21 August 2007

Ashes, ashes we all rise up

It’s amazing, the kinds of unexpected things that can come along and save you before you even realise you’re in a dangerous place.

All manner of life preservers come my way, none of them ever fitting. There are some tried and true buoys that you can cling to for as long as they don’t dissolve, but then there are the hands that come and pluck you from the whole mess, simply because they don’t exist there at all.

Know what I mean?

Why is it that women have to be so insecure about everything, whilst men can have moments of insecurity but none that plague them for days and weeks on end and make them say or do crazy things? Don’t answer that. I’m educated enough to come up with the answers, but I’m talking about real life now - not just the theoretical underpinnings that effect society as a whole (and so individuals).

For them it’s a series of unrelated, isolated incidents that are easily recovered from. For us, it’s like a long train of injustices that sweep along the ground, collecting others and weighing us down to the point where we can’t function at times. Or is this just me?

And the only solution is to keep on being more fabulous than I am, more fabulous than anyone has ever been – to stay on top of the clamouring masses, to not sink down into it: to walk on water. They've set us an impossible task.

We have to be magicians. Abracadabra and smoke and mirrors and follow the sound of my voice. Tune out all other voices. My voice is the only voice you can hear. You are getting sleepy…sleepier.

Come to think of it, I could use a nap.

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