16 September 2007

It would be so nice

Wake up Friday.

Soz, I just entered the Matrix there for a moment. I'm on bighugelabs' writer, courtesy of flickr. You should try it. (Nobody paid me to say that. But would you? I could say it again!)

After buying my first swimming costume in six years (and unsuccessfully threatening a girl who swiped the last pair of my-sized swim bottoms by stalking her at an uncomfortable distance) and packing half our wardrobe into one modest case (and mumble something beer and television or other) it has finally dawned on me that we're going on holiday. To Croatia. Tomorrow.

I'm madly skimming a Time Out guide hastily purchased yesterday
to find out as much as I can about the place we're landing in (Zagreb!) and the remote location of our main stay (Tribunj?) while Bruce shoots me dirty looks from his spot in the bed because it's nearly midnight and really I should be asleep.

But I'm too excited and nervous now and I'm trying to determine if I've packed enough for one week. Having never been to Croatia, I want to be prepared for anything, which means I've packed everything, including some kind of topical ointment that Bruce used the other week. Because what if he needs it again!

Our location is so remote that it doesn't appear in our guidebook, but it's situated along the coast of the Adriatic and we have a lovely apartment all to ourselves there and lo, there is sand. So IF between ten books, five DVDs, two mp3 players and a couple of love-crazed newly weds there STILL isn't enough to do, there will always be the beach.

Oh but I've just done a search online and came up with this:

"Among various summer entertainments [in] Tribunj a traditional donkey race should be pointed out as an action of preservation of this endangered animal."

Seems reasonable. A donkey isn't going to be eaten by a lion if it's running a big race that day, yeah? (Are there lions in Croatia?)

See you next week!

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Lass. said...

Oooh...your trip sounds fabulous! Take lots of pics, please!