23 August 2007

School is now in session

Things I’ve learned about human behaviour

If someone’s being horrible to you and you don’t know why, it’s probably because you’ve done something to upset them and you did it knowingly and you don’t know that they know, but they do. And so they’re being horrible to you until you can figure it out. Which is passive aggressive, but hey: nobody’s perfect.

If loads of someones are being horrible to you, it’s probably because there’s something about you that people dislike generally. And it’s time to take stock of what that could possibly be. Are you overbearing? Are you awkward? Do you like to blow marijuana smoke at your pets? There is a reason people don’t like you and it is a good one. The sad thing is, you’ll never figure it out. Because it’s just the way you are.

If someone is being horrible to you and they aren’t typically horrible to you and you’re paranoid, they’re probably not being horrible to you at all. That’s what’s called a Bad Day. Other people do have them, you know.

If someone is being horrible to you and convinces loads of other people to be horrible to you too and suddenly you find yourself without someone to eat lunch with and then someone throws a rock at your back for no good reason, it’s probably because you’re eight years old. Children are horrible.

Things I’ve learned about London

It’s a beautiful city and it’s full of dirt. These things are difficult to reconcile.

i. Bruce said that it’s strange how you will never see the same person twice in London. He said there’s no sense of community here. I thought about living in a small city and knew that he was wrong. Community is about consciously choosing to see/interact with a person or people – it’s not about running into the same faces over and over again and pretending you have anything else in common except for this.

ii. Where I’m from, the city follows the same tired schedule of events, which you’re meant to get excited about year in and year out. You run into the same people, eat the same food, say the same things and enjoy the same next-day hangover. The next generation of hipsters will put up a gallery of their most creative snapshots and you will attend. London is anonymous when you require anonymity. In London, community is a matter of choice, not a matter of scant population.

It really DOES rain that much here.

There are so so so many people, all of them subdued. It used to be I’d go into a pub in London and couldn’t hear a thing anyone said because they were all speaking at normal volume. Nobody shouts here because imagine what a hellishly noisy place it would be, with so many people clamouring to be heard. Now I can hear everyone perfectly in pubs because my ears have adjusted to the new, low level of speech. Though we don’t often go to pubs.

Londoners don’t gossip! This is a blessing and a curse. Mostly it indicates a healthy mind that is only preoccupied with living.

Most people in London aren’t actually from London. And they will do everything in their power to get in your way while you’re trying to walk home.

Things I’ve learned about love

It’s nearly impossible to communicate.

Even if you’re deprived of love, you find out about it eventually, just like the birds and the bees. Luckily, loving can’t be taught. Unluckily, learning how to receive love must be.

Nobody really attempts to describe it because it’s too sacred. Or retarded?

It makes you daring.

It keeps things interesting.

It rights all wrongs.

Things I’ve learned from Ed

That sound: it’s not picking or strumming, it’s HAMMERING. They HAMMER the strings! With their FINGERS! DO YOU GET ME?!! A whole new world is opening up and out of it fell Jimmy Hendrix! And stuff.

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