04 October 2007

Whiskers on kittens

Our friend Jennifer managed to take some quality photos of our elusive cats recently. She’s in transit at the moment and camped out on our living room floor, so she’s had ample opportunity to engage with them. As much as you can engage with a pair of pea-brained trauma victims.

Meanwhile it’s just another day at Club Work. Conversations about ex girlfriends have gained steadily in self-indulgent elaboration to the point where I want to scream OH JUST SLEEP WITH HER ALREADY SO WE CAN FINALY MOVE ON! Except the point of ex girlfriends is that they taunt you from afar so that you have something to fantasise about on your lunch break or whilst you’re involved in a particularly tedious project. Or so I’m lead to believe.

So after spending all morning bearing witness to the cheating hearts of corporate Britannia, I was happily made aware of the fact that Sales Guy has been demoted by way of a completely separate promotion. This has nothing to do with anything except that maybe now he will work more and talk less and, well, that idea makes me extremely gay.

By the way, I’m re-appropriating the expression ‘gay,’ because why should the bi-/homosexuals have all the fun? They shouldn’t, that’s why! So today I am gay! GAY!GAY!GAY! Eat your heart out Julie Andrews!

Tonight we are making another brave attempt at the extradomesticular and will be seeing the New Pornographers on their Challengers tour. I am hoping against hope that Neko Case will be with them, though she has a busy schedule of her own.

And wouldn't you know it - so do I. G’bye!

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