15 October 2007

"You can relax with nitrous oxide"

"For those who are anxious about treatment we offer happy gas(sedation)which is extremely safe and a fantastic way to have a relaxing experience at the dentist.

DVD virtual reality glasses are also available so that you may watch a movie or documentary while undergoing treatment.We also have an hygenist available to ensure a clean and healthy mouth."

I'm scared


Anonymous said...

Wow, no wonder it's so expensive. Recreational drugs and entertainment! What do you watch on the virtual reality thing? Marathon Man? Shane MacGowan in concert? I had a dentist in Leeds who had an aerial photo of the city on his ceiling and I thought that was nifty dental entertainment. May your enamel sparkle like diamonds!

Anonymous said...

Gosh, no. All those things cost extra. In fact, I'm pretty sure there's a tax on the comfy sofas in the reception room. My enamel better sparkle like diamonds, I suspect they may be grinding them down for fillings...