11 November 2007

Everyone in the world is an asshole - except for you

On Saturday I stood in a queue at the Royal Mail depot watching an American with a wide, flat bum talk loudly on his mobile phone in spite of a sign asking patrons to PLEASE REFRAIN FROM USING YOUR MOBILE PHONE. I did this to pick up a package sent by the inimitable Lass, who drew my name out of a hat for a prize (thank you!). The draw was based on best invented city slogan. Mine was:

London: “Leave Your Vomit in Our Underground!”

You could replace Vomit with just about anything though, up to and including Human Faeces. Ewww.

The prize was a lovely hard-cover book of picture art by Donny Miller, entitled Beautiful People with Beautiful Feelings. It came right on time, as I was feeling altogether much too seriously about myself as per usual. And it’s nice to be jarred out of that and have a bit of a laugh about things once in a while.

Actually, I’ve been enjoying myself immensely these last few months, since letting go of my anxiety a little bit. I’d like to think the cease-booze helped matters but actually I’m not sure. What I am sure about is that for the first time in who knows how long, I have really and truly felt what it feels like to be me, just me as I am. And whereas it’s not the most comfortable feeling always, it is far better than being any other way I’ve tried to be, including very drunk.

I’ve walked a total of five hours this week and yesterday I bought two amazing jumpers that I love with a ferocity most people reserve for their own children. We’re going to see Sean Penn’s new film tonight at Surrey Quays and then we’re coming home to eat steak, watch television and practise our respective crafts (I’m becoming increasingly adept at torturing the banjo).

Good stuff.

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Lass. said...

YAY! I'm glad you liked it. I bought a copy for a friend's bday and decided it would make a perfect blog prize as well. It's a bit cynical but I got a few laughs out of it and thought someone else might, too.