17 January 2008

Captain's log: oop!

Bruce called me at work about ten minutes after he was supposed to be airborne. When I asked him what was going on, he told me about this. Not very reassuring, but I have high hopes that his flight will be cancelled until tomorrow and I can spend another evening with him. Well, moderate hopes.

Okay, it’s hopeless. I’m sure a little glitch like that isn’t going to hold things up for long, especially not at an airport as vast and hectic as Heathrow. But it was worth imagining anyway.

It is amazing how much your perception can change when someone you love leaves you to your own devices for a while. My legs felt like lead weights as I walked to work this morning, as though my heart had turned to stone and cracked open and the two halves had sunk into my knees.

Unless Bruce comes home again, I’m probably going out for dinner tonight, which will be a nice, positive way to kick-off his not being here. If I can get into an upswing immediately, I’ll stay swung up there long enough for the initial blahs to wear off. And then I can make the most of this time I have to myself.

All this stupid, useless time.


Lass. said...

Maybe you could use your free time to make a cake that looks like Bruce! (I joke, of course - wasn't that thing hideous?!)

Anonymous said...

Hideous, yes, but there is something oddly compelling about it too. I can't stop thinking about a life-sized me cake now, and which bits I'd serve to whom.