29 January 2008

I'm thinking of a dream I had

I am disabling the ‘speak too soon’ feature on my mouth and reverting to self-congratulatory retrospection, should the situation ever warrant it. Because work is indeed a nightmare and not even the misty watercoloured memories of my spun sugar weekend can help me now.

Some stupid bird outside with nothing better to do at four in the morning than dig for worms and sing ‘Like a Virgin’ into its hairbrush at top volume is what finally woke me from a lovely dream wherein my line manager fired me and let me go home. I spent the next hour and a half having angry conversations with him in my head on the living room sofa before allowing that maybe it wasn’t the most productive way to spend the wee hours and forcing myself to go back to bed.

Now that I’m at work, I feel like I should probably speak too soon and say that things have been going markedly better than yesterday. It’s all about attitude I think. If you have a good attitude and ignore any poor ones meanwhile, you should be able to maintain a clear enough head to solve the problem of how on earth do I build a website in five days. For instance. But I will not say such things, not yet (possibly not ever).

So, Stars tonight, and then a small gathering at ours to look forward to this coming Saturday. It’s great to plant stepping stones across the vast pond of your week, but even better to pave the whole thing over with enjoyment if you can. Gosh I’m feeling didactic today, I’d better let you go or next I’ll be telling you what you should have for breakfast.

Eggs! Because they suppress your appetite for much longer than toast or cereal!

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