21 February 2008


So, the Brit awards! Wow. Well, anyone who does sound engineering on the albums certainly deserves an award, because the live performances were all indisputably crap. I’m not sure how Mika manages an entire show, if indeed he does – even he was looking distressed by his own appalling vocals in the second song.

I perked up vaguely when the Arctic Monkeys - pissed as farts and wearing traditional English garb - came onstage for their award and began chiding the BRITs School kids (the UK’s answer to the Mickey Mouse Club). Sharon couldn’t keep her shit together either, which was fun.

Today I am having a good day, and will probably go to hell or wherever people stupid enough to count their hours before their day hatches like I did just then end up (if you can sort out that sentence then I congratulate you). But it’s true – work has been satisfying on numerous levels these past few days, and I think it’s because I’ve gained some small recognition from the heavies finally.

I’ve also discovered that if your plate is full, you only need to start feeding the choicest morsels to the dogs. Not that there are dogs under my desk or anything, but I only take ownership over things that are mine now. Easy peasy. You don’t know what I’m banging on about so I’ll switch gears now.

Bruce and I went to see a flat last night, and as we were descending the escalator at Embankment Station, the realtor called to say that it was gone. It’s just as well, because in retrospect, the flat wasn’t exactly what we’d wanted, and to be fair, we got a bit carried away too early on. We’re fairly sure that we will find just the right thing at a time that won’t cost us thousands of pounds in one go. Yes, whew indeed!

With work evening out (is that right? ‘evening’ out?), I can finally look ahead to happier things. In April we’re going to Norway for work (Bruce) and co-dependency pleasure (me), and then we’re setting sail for ATP in May. I’m hoping I will spend more time watching bands and eating pizza and having fun than last year, when I came down with the flu pretty much the first hour we arrived. Then Bil said something about Iceland and Bruce said something about Expensive and I don’t know who to believe, but that’s TBD.

My good friend Lizzie (I can’t seem to abandon her childhood moniker, even though everyone else has) is coming in March as well, and it sounds like we might be going somewhere? I dunno, we’re going to talk it out when she calls. She’s starting off in Manchester though, and I think she’d definitely planned on seeing Paris and Barcelona.

Good god, this could be a travel-heavy spring.

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