29 February 2008

Chuffed, as we say

Well, I survived the event and even felt a wee bit hot (I’ll reserve the two-tees-in-hot-blogger-special for another day) if I do say so myself (I just did!).

Today everyone is feeling a bit less than ritzy though, and I’ve a lot of work to keep on top of and grumpy faces to keep from shouting at me.

Nonetheless, I wanted to post some photos so that my mother* can see what our new flat looks like. We found exactly what we were looking for, in the very posh Muswell Hill area, and will be moving to our new digs on 1 April.

Check it out:




The living room comes with more furnishings than depicted, with a gigantic bed and wall of wardrobes in the bedroom, so now we can save up for dream furniture at our leisure, rather than splash out on top of a terrifying deposit.

And that garden back there? That’s not shared! Meaning we can have nude garden parties! How about it, Shhh?

So it’s goodbye troubled Bermondsey, hello Muswell Hill (and poverty) (hopefully not too much poverty) (or nudity)!

* I assume it’s her, so am writing freely about my drug addiction on a different, secret** site instead.

** Wouldn’t you like to know.


Lass. said...

What a lovely place! I'm jealous!! p.s. All I know of Muswell Hill is that the Davies brothers (of Kinks fame) grew up there.

Anonymous said...

Gosh, Mike Leigh lives there now! I keep waiting for the catch...