14 February 2008

He loves me

Today has been the busiest day of my life. I’ve said that every day for the last few weeks, but only because it’s true! I spent two days away from my desk to help out at an event, and will be paying for it for the next year I’m sure.

Bruce sent flowers to work, but you have to actually pick them up from the post office – they won’t deliver them to you. So I went to the basement hoping against hope it wasn’t a mistake. Not because I couldn’t believe he’d sent them, but because it would be just my luck - to think I was getting flowers when really, nobody understands a word I mumble when I answer the phone.

By 5:20, I was still in a meeting with fellow inmates of the wawaweb, attempting to hurry things along psychically by swinging my leg impatiently in the direction of time moving forward. We’d booked dinner at a French restaurant, which was situated relatively close by, but only if I ran.

And ran I did! So fast and far from my desk that I forgot to bring the flowers with me, making me the Worst! Wife! in London! though Bruce was very understanding (he only looked vaguely crestfallen) and we had a lovely dinner anyway.

Life is moving far too quickly. I don’t know what to do about it sometimes, except move with it.

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Lass. said...

Happy Valentines Day to you and Bruce from the Worst! Wife! in the States! and her hubby.