07 February 2008

Where I use a big word, and it isn't falafel

Well if today isn’t your lucky day! I was about to get all philosophical on your ass but then I was sidetracked by work and now I've completely forgotten what I was going to say.

I’m having issues with work (again) (surprise!) whilst simultaneously torturing myself with that whole inner/outer beauty thing that is so (un)important to women and society in general, and do I have enough to sprinkle liberally onto the high-carb pasta of my excellent personality? Yes, even disestablishmentarianists worry about these things sometimes, so lay off would you!

And yet in spite of this familiar roster of pain, I am oddly at peace with the world. Probably because I’m just about to tuck into a falafel sandwich and berry spritzer from Pret.

I think I’ve solved the mystery of Shaw, all by my lonesome, because I suspect Shaw is in complete ignorance of its own IP address and broadband service provider. Which, fine! As long as you weren’t the one responsible for the self-esteem issues I developed in my formative years, you are most welcome to this page. One and all.

Well, and that’s lunch people. It’s either a big long rant or I get a decent lunch from down the road and talk with my mouth full for a few minutes, your choice. (It’s my choice actually and today I choose lunch!) (And loads of exclamation points!)

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