28 March 2008

Skinny is the New Skinny

In the news today: Star’s Weight Loss Confession

What, she stopped eating? Took pills? Stopped eating AND took pills? That’s not news, msn! Get off your collective backsides and do some real work. Good God, how hard could it be to work for that faction?

Heath Ledger Death Perturbs 15-Year-Old Girls – Brokeback Mountain Sequel Postponed

Lily Allen Does Nothing of Interest but We Love Her Anyway

Winehouse Outbursts Becoming Predictable?

Mainstream Deigns to Notice Bat for Lashes – Not Too Weird for Hyde Park

It’s Friday, which means one more night on the booze before my houseguests return to Canada and I return to a comfortable diet of veggie dogs and reality television. We’re seeing two Harold Pinter plays and then we’re off to a friend’s for a post-Easter egg hunt. If I put that in writing, we stand every chance of going, too! (This friend and I have polar-opposite schedules it seems, or possess the same amount of apathy about leaving our little nests, but I hold out hope.)

And then it’s packing until our limbs atrophy and fall off, because on Tuesday we move to the new flat! I can’t wait to see what my garden looks like, so that I can begin the process of digging it all up and killing what I can’t. And that, my friends, is what makes a good gardener, at least in my experience. (Help!) I’m thinking that unless I make friends with Jamie Oliver, I’m going to be stuck tending forest-patterned wallpaper, or maybe a plastic fern…

I’m only here because I want to be left alone on my lunch hour. I don’t actually have anything to say. You? Naw, didn’t think so.

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Anonymous said...

Yes - make friends with Jaime Oliver! Then introduce me! I'm excited for you to move into your new place. I wish I could see it - take lots of pics.