05 March 2008

x365: 21 of 365 - Chris K

We laughed at you, Tex and me. I’m glad you’re a fuck-up, and that your ex-girlfriend married a scientologist. Go pass out on a Salisbury steak, you waste of screen time.


Lass. said...

Ahahahahaaa! Is it bad that I know who you're talking about? He's like "Keanu Lite".

pk said...

Ha ha. This must be the first English 365 I've seen, because it has so much vim: very diverting though. Isn't 'Keanu lite' an oxymoron?

Bev Sykes said...

Love the look of the pie. Gonna have to try to copy it. As for the vitriol, I'm wondering if we all start this project as a chance to let it all out...and then stall when we run out of people to complain about!