02 June 2008

Great(ish) expectations

I’d do almost anything to be invisible right now. Having a banana by one’s keyboard is not a safeguard against conversation during the lunch hour – I would have to keep my face permanently stuffed if I wanted some time to myself (this isn’t a guarantee either, as invariably someone will say, ‘Sorry to interrupt you while you’re having your lunch,’ and then proceed to do so anyway).

The face-stuffing isn’t going terribly well these days, namely because I can’t conceive of eating anything that isn’t toast or cereal or (curiously) Doritos. Can you guess why?

Oh come on, you can. I’m up the duff, good friends of the internet!

We enthusiastically embarked upon this new adventure a few months back and were delighted with the news, interpreted with our little chemistry set over four weeks ago.

Then the fatigue kicked in. And then the morning sickness. The morning sickness is enjoying itself so much, in fact, that it’s decided to make a whole day of it. I spend most of my time feeling as though I’m fighting a vicious hangover, if you want to know the truth.

And food! My beloved chicken and steak dinners, pizza and pasta, fruits and vegetables, coffee and more coffee – all poison, if you asked my nose, stomach or imagination.

So I fight nausea all day long at my desk - eating what I can, whenever I can manage it - crawl into bed at six and fight nausea for the rest of the evening. It is a challenging way to conduct a marriage, let me tell you!

And I don’t really know where I'm at, beyond this. I like to try and stay one step ahead in life, but I fear I’m at the mercy of my physiology for the time being. I will probably be very excited, though, once the nausea wears off and the happy-making hormones kick in.

Until then, please stick around to witness me blunder through this new phase of our lives with none of the charm, wit and humour you’d expect to find on most websites about motherhood.

Some people are born to be mums, but I’ve a feeling I’ll be faking it all the way.


Anonymous said...

Hip, hip hooray! :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Hope you start feeling better soon. xoxo.

Anonymous said...

Aw, thanks guys. And sorry to Politiko and anyone else who is getting no love from my touchy comments page. The emails are nice too though!

Make!Do! said...

Total stranger to you but as one who has been faking the Mum thing for five months now - and would rather die than have a Lilypie counter at the bottom of her blog - I just want to let you know there ARE other Mums out there who aren't all squishy and frilly. For lack of a better word.


Anonymous said...

Then a stranger you shall be no more! Or sumink.

pk said...

good and excellent! well done, and I can tell you these things, having been a single dad of a 16 month old :
(a) you will never be one step ahead in your life ever again
(b) everyone fakes it
(c)It's utterly fabulous, apart from the exhaustion and the bodily substances, but they both pass away, and then they can talk and you can have surreal conversations.
(d) you will make up the best stories ever.
(e) I am not frilly: possibly squishy.......

Anonymous said...

Holy flip, this would be why I suddenly had a 'where did fridayfilms disappear to' moment earlier this week.... HUGE congratulations :)