10 August 2008

Recipe for Sunday and other matters

Sunday: you good for nothing day of the week. But I’m learning to take it in stride.

Hot chocolate and strawberry jam on baguette, eggs chuckling in hot oil. Swab the jewel cases of CDs, the plastic bodies of boot sale cameras, the miniature Che Guevaras - return them to tenderly dusted shelves.

Paddle unhurriedly through the thick, yellow hours. Boil kettles, pots and pans for a bath; fog stipples the bay windows, creeps damply across wood floors.

Mad Men and mountain music, Bruce fixes the letter ‘n’, partially. I love him to the balls of his eyes, which he insists are green, though they’re often blue, or overcast.

Pots steam on the gas range. Laundry hangs in the damp bedroom, the picture window sweating. Lamps seal out the gloom, and it rains cold, misty rain you can really imagine, dashed down haphazardly into lush shrubbery.

Red grapes glisten in white crockery. Swiss roll for afters. The sun makes a surprise guest appearance and dries away the remaining minutes before tea.

Next weekend we’re on holiday. God help us though, we’ve bought another lens. Medium format, and there is so much more to account for.

I’m eighteen weeks along and in good health. Perfect health, actually. For once, I’m not arguing.


Anonymous said...

Hi you! Are you still coming out here in August? When do you get here? Will we get to see you? (I have lots of questions) :)
I'm glad you are feeling good. It took me a long time to look pregnant, too, I seemed to just look "full" or like I had a big meal for soooo long. :) You'll pop out eventually.


Anonymous said...

I look like I've been stuffing half my dinner into my bra, to be honest! I'll send you an email very soon.

pk said...

That's an image to conjure with: and Sundays, if they let you write like that, are clearly worthwhile.
'Swiss roll for afters' ...I think you and your English kinder will understand each other just fine.