14 September 2008

Six unspectacular things (or why I may need therapy)

Tagged by Mrs Slocombe for this meme about what makes us dull as dishwater.

Here are six unspectacular things about me:

1. I'm terrible at making friends and consequently have none in London (of my own, anyway).

2. For about a week in 1994, whilst in Amsterdam, my favourite meal of the day was breakfast, even though it was just ham and cheese sandwiches, manky hostel tea and chocolate sprinkles on bread.

3. I only ever like one outfit in my wardrobe at a time. The rest I force myself to wear for the sake of variety.

4. I don't know how to behave normally in front of a camera and so just pull faces or look away (like most people).

5. The only person I feel comfortable having any sort of physical contact with is Bruce. If I have to touch or be touched by others (as in friendly hugs, contact sports or team-building exercises involving hand-holding), I either feel repulsed or unworthy, depending on who it is.

6. My hair is too fine for the shape of my face.

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Did you not read my first unspectacular thing? Oh let's see then. Lass, lynn, Lacking, thebeesknees, Emmms and dominguez.


Anonymous said...

I can relate deeply to nos. 1 and 3. I've lived in Teas for four years and am just now making the effort to form some real friendships. And clothes are comfort for me and if I have an outfit that feels and/or looks good, I really don't want to wear anything else.

Anonymous said...

Make that "Texas" rather than "Teas". I think I need some "coffee". :P

Anonymous said...

Funny: I read it like "Texas" until the second comment. Where did you live before?

Anonymous said...

I moved here from Chicago, Illinois - "The City of Big Shoulders". Although I feel compelled to point out that my shoulders are small and feminine.

Miles McClagan said...

There is not one photo of me in which I am happy with my face...

Maybe I should model pouting...

pk said...

1: You seem excellent at it to me.
2:whilst and manky in the same sentence: spectacular.
5: Soon there will be another.....

miles is a kind of virus i seem to be spreading: he is a treat though.

As Tallulah Bankhead said: ‘I have three phobias which, could I but mute them, would make my life as slick as a sonnet, but as dull as dishwater: I hate to get up, I hate to go to bed, and I hate to be alone.’

Anonymous said...

There's a blog prize waiting for you over at my page. :)

Anonymous said...

Mrs Slocombe: it would seem that way, yes, but when you have more friends of the invisible variety than ones in real, offline life, well...that's a bit sad really. And it would be nice to talk to someone face-to-face once in a while, apart from my husband. I suppose they must sense my reticence, or lack of forthcoming handshakes and hugs or sumink. Tallulah Bankhead must've met Roald Dahl at some point, as he resolved this dilema quite nicely in Willy Wonka I think.