30 December 2008

Consider me converted

Mrs. Slocombe kindly sent us a baby-sized pair of Aussie essentials – Uggs! I’d been wondering how to get our little bundle of joy home with his extremities unfrozen and intact, and these nought to six month sized booties will work perfectly.

I must admit, I never joined in the Ugg boot craze which ten years ago saw legions of young girls compromising their length by cutting themselves off unflatteringly at mid-calf with what, at first glance, appeared to be misshapen loaves of bread.

But as you can see, the baby versions are far too cute to be believed, and I will be doing my fair share of obsessive feet-checking this winter to make sure he doesn’t kick one off when we’re out and about.

Thanks, Betty!

xx Friday (and Bruce)


pk said...

They look much cuter even in the photo than in real life: glad you like them. They will add a touch of bogan to his no doubt stylish Muswellhillian get-ups.

Breath bated.

Anonymous said...

Cute. L has baby Emus, which I love but which never stay on. The Uggs look like they're designed better, though.

I totally can't wait for you to meet your little human!