06 December 2008


MixwitMixwit make a mixtapeMixwit mixtapes

(Mixwit is now kaput and have replaced all songs with this one)


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Anonymous said...

That is one of my all-time favorite songs, although I have to confess that when I saw you'd updated, I was hoping for a baby picture. When exactly ARE you due, anyway?

Anonymous said...

Would you take a belly picture instead? I have enough of one to warrant a good ogle now.

No, I am still very much with child and should be until early January. My due date is 9 Jan, but I've been told that if he showed up from this week on, everything would be just fine. I would cross my fingers but they're much too swollen...

Sarah said...

Hi Jackie! How are you doing? Not long now! I read your previous post and have to say that it takes a while to get comfy with a newborn.
Joel and I spent the first 5 weeks second and third and fourth-guessing ourselves at every move and my ultra anal and organized self didn't quite like the unstructured life with a newborn. But now that we have learned to just relax and let the baby be a baby all is so wonderful and well. It isn't like magic - you do have to learn to get to know your baby but it does sort itself out and life does get more "normal". You will love being a mom but there will be SO many questions and things you will learn.
Joel and I almost went crazy with all the books and advice and the not knowing what to do. We still have no idea about some stuff but you learn as you go. And so far Claire seems fine.:)

I'm excited for you. Send me an email sometime soon.