06 April 2009

Only this

Some prog rock meant to calm cot rage drones uselessly under the screams of two hysterical infants who lie beneath a strobing green play structure, Daliesque in proportion and sweetly butchering the Blue Danube at unhealthy decibels, over which Effy and I must shout at one another and, more pleadingly, at the babies, and I wonder what the neighbours must think but then realise that I stopped caring about that months ago.

Yes, months!


Anonymous said...

If any of the neighbors have a problem with it, invite them in to soothe the baby. :)

Friday said...

Ha. Yes, well. Our upstairs neihbours are the only ones we haven't met formally & I think they are younger/childless so it's no wonder. Too bad they also happen to be the only ones who can hear our carrying-ons (carryings-on?)!