06 November 2009

Bubbles: like mother like son

I have slug trails of baby snot on my top, dark circles under my eyes and I’ve lost the will to watch America’s Next Top Model, which frightens me the most.

It’s been one of those weeks, and Hartley’s cold-turned-cough-turned-fever was brought to us by the makers of insomnia and too many nights out with my good friend Beer and his loopy gal Red Wine.

I nearly killed myself by drinking a full bottle of wine over the course of three hours at a cocktail bar last Friday, and ‘never again’ turned into ‘maybe just four’ when I had the good fortune to spend a fabulous night out with the lovely Making Strange this past evening. We ate our weight in ribs caked in Frank’s Red and I doused the fire with two Coronas, a Peroni and a San Miguel.

Sadly, liberal amounts of fizzy pink alcohol circulated at a baby’s first birthday party this afternoon, with most of the mothers justifying a second and third glass by way of the ‘it’s only 4%’ clause. Live and learn, and live and learn again.

Needless to say, I’m in no state to brood over a proper post this evening, so instead I give you a video of my son enjoying bubbles more than anyone with a temperature above 37 degrees has any right to. Please enjoy!


Anonymous said...

I had a overly-long session with Senor Mexican Martini this week...must be something in the air.

Hartley remains adorable...even more so in motion!

Amy said...

I don't like ANYTHING as much as he likes those bubbles. God, if only you could package that as a drug we could all take, you would be a billionaire. Can you imagine, "I'll just take one of these and .... ahhhh! I LOVE my job! My job is the best thing ever! The delight! The joy! YAY!"

Hopefully it snows this winter. He'll really love that!