31 May 2010

Hartley: Sixteen Months

Hello my baby,

I just wanted you to know that I haven’t forgotten about this month’s letter to you; in fact, I think about it every day. I keep waiting for those free hours to appear and instead I am blind sighted by another time-waster (your father and I have lost our passports mere weeks before our trip to Canada, of all things).

In a little while you will be seventeen months old, but today you are sixteen months, and although time is running out on this benchmark, there is time enough to say what’s important for right now.

As ever, you grow more and more beautiful with each passing day, and I don’t mean that metaphorically. You wake up in the morning and somehow you are happier and more animated than even the morning before. This month you are learning new words at an astounding rate and have shown me that you know how to climb to the top of a ladder and float to the base of a slide on your belly, all on your own.

I have always loved you, Hartley, but these past few weeks, and maybe for the first time, I have also really loved being a mother. I think this might mean that I’m getting better at it, and I hope that this is true. I want to give you the best of everything, including myself, because you give us so very much, without asking for a single thing in return (except juice - the answer is almost always water).

Okay my darling. I’m sorry this is so short, but I promise I will tell you everything next time.

All my love,

Your little mummy

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