08 October 2010

Red on white

Nothing seems real for me anymore. I'm not saying this in a dramatic or awe-struck sense; it's just that living in England feels similar to playing Monopoly at times. The currency appears bogus, the decisions I make no better or worse than any others, so long as I'm still playing. I turned a corner and saw a shock of red against a white stucco house, so I took its photo. A van made a U-turn at that exact moment, doubling back towards me, and I panicked and put away the camera. I half expected someone to ask me what I was doing, or try to confiscate my phone. You just never know these days. But nobody erased my shitty photograph of a stunning autumn ivy, and no other moment stood out particularly, so.


beau Lark said...

For the record, no one (not even a bobby) can confiscate your camera if you are taking a photo on public property, even if the photo is OF private property. (the actual law is a bit more complicated and there are exceptions, but you get the gist).

Friday Films said...

Really? I didn't know that. I don't tend to take photos of things like houses and other private spaces as a general rule (not in a town this size). I did really want to take a photo of a car boot seller today. He was sat next to a fruit machine with a hand-painted sign, and something about him made that whole scene ironic. I didn't have the right camera with me though, and probably would have been too nervous to go through with it, even if I had.

pk said...

Nice one.