09 March 2011

9 hours

  • Hot air balloon mishap

  • Freefalling and looking through a bag for instructions on how to land
  • A play w/ 3 new characters related to The Talented Mr Ripley
  • A dead kitten on the sidewalk
  • The bus is threatening to leave and I can’t find my case
  • A man helps me down the awkward steps of the bus
  • Remembering that I forgot my travel case on the bus
  • A hidden stash of notes and clean clothes in the slotted drawers of my caravan
  • Disco vomiting up a pile of dry cat food
  • Unable to see the time on our mobiles
  • Asking why electronics never work in dreams
  • Combing giant nit eggs out of the baby’s hair
  • A cloaked figure, like an Orc with long metal gloves, on a deserted road at 6AM
  • It’s death up the road and I can’t shake him
  • It’s 9AM and I’m going to be late for work
  • It’s 8AM and I’m going to be late for work
  • It’s 8AM and I ask Bruce to call me a taxi so I won’t be late for work
  • The shower is broken and the bathroom is massive
  • There’s nothing to wear; the drawers are full of baby clothes

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