23 November 2007

Another last year

I have a question for you.

If you found out today that you had one year exactly to live, what would you want to do with that year?

Make a list!

Bruce sent me this email the other morning, so I dropped what I was doing (work) and set about making my list. Within a half hour, I had a list that was over 60 items long. I sent it to him as an attachment and he emailed back straight away to say that we would print it out and try and execute as much of it as we could. Then the following year, he’ll write his list and we’ll set about tackling that as well.

The objective is to live each year as though it’s our last, a perspective I’ve been trying to get someone to adopt with me since I was old enough to recognise my own inertia. He thinks we can reasonably manage over half the list (I don’t think I’ll be foisting him onto some other woman in preparation for my impending death, for instance), and I think he’s right. We just need to be proactive about it.

We’ve certainly wasted no time in tackling number 20 (eat things I’m scared of eating because they will make me fat), and last night devoured a whole tub of Haagen-dazs between the two of us. I’m at work now, just back from a meeting that has me wondering if I should promote number 50 (quit my job) to the doable half of my list.

Actually, things could indeed work out in my favour one day, though for the time being it looks like I’ll be starting from the ground up all over again, re-establishing pretty much all my routines. I might as well have been handed a brand new position, since by the time I manage to extricate myself from current familiar responsibilities and immerse myself in strange new ones, I’ll hardly recognise the role.

Wish I could say more, but writing about internet-related work on the internet is like visiting your parents in a MUM, U SUCK t-shirt.


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