28 November 2007

Still here! Kinda

In the last week alone, I have

Had two invasive procedures done within quick succession
Watched someone get fired
Seen off two old employees
Welcomed two new employees
Taken on twice my workload
Worked late
Worked early
Worked early then late
Seriously considered quitting all extra-curricular activities
Seriously considered quitting my job
Found out I do not have cancer
Told off my boss
Celebrated our Nan’s 94th
Watched my husband turn into a sci-fi alien (albeit an adorable sci-fi alien)
Cried like a twit
Laughed like a maniac
Dragged my banjo up the Southbank

And I am f*cking exhausted.

More importantly though, how are you?


Anonymous said...

Wow. Are you ok (aside from not having cancer and probably having a sucky job)? At least write a blow-by-blow account of the firing. If you're not dying or anything.

Friday Films said...

Well I haven't tried to eat the decorative centerpiece instead of my dinner, if that's what you're asking. But there is a good chance of something like that happening if I don't get a proper night's sleep soon. I missed the final blow but could probably offer you some highlights, though that's yesterday's news.

Lass. said...

Glad you dodged the "Big C". It tried to kill me about twenty years ago but as I always thought, I was (and am) too mean to die. But, I digress...