07 May 2009

Keeping my day job

Yesterday was Bruce’s birthday, and in spite of a cold shared between the three of us (and a few sleepless nights due to some nasty infant teething issues), we managed to make it out of the house and into the city to meet up with all our friends for a really lovely time at one of our favourite restaurants. I haven’t been in the company of childless adults for quite a while, so the fact that I ended the evening wearing a napkin on my head can probably be chalked up to that, or to the 1.5 units of alcohol I drank once the little man had fallen asleep. Or maybe I’m just turning into my father.

Against all odds, Hartley is still enjoying his afternoon nap without my distinguished presence, so I’m taking this opportunity to do a few small things that take very little time (in case he wakes up) and which I’ve been putting off (because they are nearly impossible to accomplish when he is awake). This is item number two (item number one was to sit back on the sofa and, reclining thusly, eat an apple), so hello there! I should really revert back to the lazy, list-making way of generating blog posts until I’m a bit more freed up, but it all flies out of my head the instant I put fingers to keys (see what I did there? Huh? Huh? Mhmm.).

Ah, there he goes. Well, here’s a comic I made that will probably only make sense to one of you. You can make your own comics too, just follow this link here!


Amy said...

I'm really glad Bruce's birthday party went well and am sorry I missed it. In the meantime, thought you might like to read these in all that free time you have:

Development of the Infant BrainAND

Why Everything We Think We Know About Babies is Wrong

Anonymous said...

I forgot about the napkin on the head! or rather I probably blocked it out :-)

Thanks for organising it though my lovely wife, I had a wonderful time.

palinode said...

You call that a comic? I call it a sequential tryptich with iconic character representation and a humorous conclusion.

I'm glad to hear that you got out and had a good time. I can't help but picture the napkin on the head, though.

Friday said...

Tomayto, tomahto; comic, sequential tryptich... I think you may be picturing the napkin incorrectly. Or possibly my head. CAD me an Imagination Imprint applet and we shall see.

pk said...

As long as you can still recline thusly we will know that you haven't turned to mush, and are still effortlessly articulate, and as fun as ever.....