09 May 2009

While you were sleeping

It seems my infant son is only happy to sleep if I am lying sleeplessly next to him. That’s fine, I tell him, I wasn’t using that last bit of sanity anyway.

I tell him this in my head, because if I said it out loud he would wake up and I wouldn’t be able to create these useless 4.00 AM comics.

This one is for friends and family back home.


pk said...

The 4 a.m. thing is good in a way, isn't it? It meant that I saw every match of the 1998 world cup, for example. I should have been making situiationist parenting cartoons, obviously...they are cool.

Friday said...

I'd quite like to see what a comic from you would be like, Peter. Go on, give it a try!

I certainly need the daylight hours to catch up on sleep, provided His Sleeplessness goes down for his nap.